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  • Product Name: HX-903
  • Product Number: HX-903




1.       Complied with IEC60601 Safety Requirement. Dual CPUs, Main CPU from ARM, more advanced and safer in the injection.

2.       Automatically self-defined size of syringe: 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50/60ml.

3.       Bolus programmable.

4.       Drug-weight mode available.

5.       Built-in Drug Library, new drug can be preset and deleted.

6.       Event Record function, data can be exported to a USB key.

7.       Preset 10 syringe brands, new brand can be user-defined.

8.       3.5 inches color TFT screen, easy operation manual.

9.       Dedicated pressure detector with 8 sensitivities setting. Dynamically display pressure level.

10.      Pressure auto release function when occlusion occurs, reducing potential risk.

11.      Stackable module design for space saving.



The Specifications of HX-903 Signal Channel Syringe Pump 


Syringe Mode

Micro and continuous injection

Syringe Type

Self-identified automatically: 5ml,10ml,20ml,30ml,50/60ml

Syringe Brand

Preset 10 syringe brands, more new brands can be added.

Flow Rate Range

5ml Syringe0.1ml/h-60ml/h     10ml Syringe0.1ml/h-300ml/h

20ml Syringe0.1ml/h-400ml/h   30ml Syringe 1ml/h-600ml/h

50ml Syringe1ml/h-1200ml/h



Flow Rate Accuracy

≤±2%including accuracy ±1% on mechanism

Volume Limit

0.1-9999.9ml and Empty

Volume Infused


Purge Rate

5ml Syringe 60ml/h     10ml Syringe300ml/h

20ml Syringe400ml/h    30ml Syringe600ml/h

50ml Syringe1200ml/h

Bolus Rate

5ml Syringe0.1ml/h-60ml/h     10ml Syringe0.1ml/h-300ml/h

20ml Syringe0.1ml/h-400ml/h   30ml Syringe1ml/h-600ml/h

50ml Syringe1ml/h-1200ml/h

Optional Inject Rate Unit


KVO Rate

1-5 ml/h (adjustable)

Occlusion Pressure Detection

Dedicated pressure detector, 20KPa-140Kpa, 8 levels of sensitivity selectable, dynamically display pressure level

Audio and Visual Alarms

AC power lost, Barrel clasp, Plunger head, FinishedKVO, Near empty, Empty, Occlusion, Moto reverse, Pressure abnormity, Low battery, Battery ran out, Battery lost, No operation, System error.


3.5 inches color TFT screen

Power Source

AC power100V-240V50/60HzMaxima 25W


Li-ion Battery 3000mAH, Working hours7h@5ml/h

Ni-MH Battery 2000mAH,Working hours4h@5ml/h


Class II, CF , IPX4


Intravenous injection