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  • Product Name: HX-803
  • Product Number: HX-803



1.  Intuitive Operation System

2.  3.5 inches Color TFT, Numerical Keypad

3.  Dual CPUs

4.  Anti-reverse Function on Motor to Prevent Upstream

5.  Dynamic Pressure Display

6.  Up to 8 Infusion Modes available

7.  Events Record System

8.  Drug Library inside

9.  Multi Languages available


Specifications of Infusion Pump HX-803

Infusion Mode

Drip-rate and volumetric

Pumping Mechanism

Peristaltic finger pump

Optional Infusion Mode

Drug weight mode, programmable Bolus mode

Optional Infusion Rate Unit

d/min, ml/h, volume/time

IV Sets

Standard IV sets of 10, 15, 20 and 60d/ml, with diameter 3.4~4.5mm.

Flow Rate Range




Drip Rate Range

6.01200ml/h1 d/min200 d/min】(10 d/ml

4.01200ml/h1 d/min300 d/min】(15 d/ml

3.01200ml/h1 d/min400 d/min】(20 d/ml

1.0180ml/h   1 d/min180 d/min】(60 d/ml

Infusion Deviation

Volumetric Mode≤±5%after calibration

Drip-rate Mode≤±1.5%

Volume Limit

1.09999 ml

Volume Infused Display


Purge Rate


KVO Rate

1-5ml/h, adjustable

Bolus Mode

Flow rate & Volume limit programmable in three phases.

Drug Library

Drug LibraryMaximum dose and minimum dose of 54 kinds of medicines):low-dose alarm, over-dose alarm; Optional rate; User-define functionpassword will be required.

Event Log

History records login, Parameter adjustments, Infusion records, Alarms records, Network connection records…

Multi-language display

Languages available: Chinese, Spanish, English, Italian, etc.

Drip detection

Infrared optoelectronic detection

Occlusion Pressure Detection

Pressure detection device with 8 sensitivities setting, 40Kpa-140Kpa.

Air-in-line Detection

Air bubble detected by ultrasonic and the device with 8 sensitivities setting, 501000 μL

Anti-reverse Function

Anti-reverse Function on motor to prevent upstream

IV Set Management and

Flow Rate Calibration

IV sets can be added, stored and deleted in system, convenient for operation after calibration.


Self-check when start up and during infusion.

Audio and Visual Alarms

Air-in-line, Door open, Occlusion, Infusion finished, No operation, Leakage, Bottom empty, Drip detection error, Infusion error, Battery low, battery ran out, Motor reverse, Sound error, Drip sensor error, Pressure sensor error, air sensor error, AC power lost.


3.5 inches TFT screen.

Communication Port

Communication port: RJ45 Ethernet, USB host, serial port, available for network connection between Ethernet and nurse station to enable remote control.

Power Source

AC100V240V50Hz/60Hz, 25VA


Rechargeable Ni-MH battery DC12V2000mAh; life:≥4 hours at 25mL/hBattery managementremaining battery displayremaining  service timecharging managementbattery damage or battery lostThe pump will be powered by battery automatically when AC power lost.

Operating Conditions

Temperature: 540  Relative humidity: 20%90%  Atmospheric pressure: 70106KPa

Storage Conditions

Temperature: -2055  Relative humidity: 10%90%  Atmospheric pressure: 70~106KPa


Class II, CF, IPX4



Net Weight



Intravenous infusion for various liquid medicines, such as vascular expansion solution, anticancer drug, accelerative procreates drug, liquid nutrient, etc.

Applicable for micro and rapid infusion.