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Monitoring report

Hua Xi for the company employees, suppliers, agents, and other interested stakeholders to establish a dedicated communication channel, to any person to report any suspected illegal, illegal or improper behavior, including damage the company's reputation, effectiveness of internal control, orbehavior of the completeness and accuracy of the Company's financial statements. Please report suspected violations through the following channels:

China, within:
Mailing Address: High-tech Industrial Development Zone in Guangzhou Science City Yuen Road 11 A8 six-storey
Report Hotline: 020-32290298,32290268
Report -32053080 Fax :020
Report E-mail:

    Huaxi in China outside of hiring a third party reporting hotline services, all year 24 hours a day to provide toll-free telephone line, answer by professionals in the local language, to gather and make the Hua Xi feedback your views. The recorded information will be kept confidential.